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Lost once again [Jan. 21st, 2009|11:42 am]
One of my favorite tv shows, Lost, returns tonight. I'll have a few friends over for dinner and drinks. It's time to find out what ever happened to that island and our favorite six friends and those left behind. A welcome return of quality programming to my household, especially after never-ending sessions of Cheaters, Attack of the Show! and G*d knows what else.

I like television but will take a great book over the boob-tube any day. Not that I am a fast reader, I am not. You could say that I am a writer's (and a publisher's) dream: I buy hundreds of books a year, yet read a mere 12 (that was the pathetic total of books read in 2008 for me). This year I am on track to breaking my puny reading record: I have read 2 books thus far in the month of January. I read THE OTHER by Thomas Tryon and THE TENANT by Roland Topor.

These two books were published by Millipede Press, a publisher I'm starting to admire for their reprints and quality books. The paperbacks are sturdy, hand-sewn, elegant and with loads of extra goodies. Their sister imprint, Centipede Press, publishes high-quality limited edition books that are also excellent. I've been quietly buying their catalog over time.

Today I started reading Gary Braunbeck's KEEPERS. The first four chapters are promising (it is my first time reading Mr. Braunbeck), and I hope to finish this book by the end of this week. That would bring my total of books read in January to a whopping 3! A Herculean achievement for a reader like me.

I should really offer a review of both Tryon's and Topor's books, which I enjoyed very much, but my tank is not yet full and the prospect of a very long entry doesn't whet my appetite just yet. Let's just say that they are recommended.