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You should listen to my music... I'm going to be huge! [Jun. 2nd, 2009|09:16 am]
This is for those dear friends that are planning on visiting my beloved city of New York: Have you visited before? Remember when you used to walk around Times Square, back in the days of hookers and druggies and sex shops, and three-card monte was all the rage among con artists and criminals trying to rob you of your holiday money?

The hookers and sex shops are gone, but the con artists still return to attack the gullible. Three-card monte might be gone, but now we have an influx of "undiscovered talent" ripping innocent tourists off.

Let me explain how it works: you walk around Times Square (I've seen this happen around Union Square, so be on the lookout if you plan on visiting there), take in the views and marvel at the neon billboards. All of a sudden a group of gentlemen approach you (usually two to three, sometimes just one), with an old-fashioned portable cd player and a backpack in tow. They tell you they are struggling artists who have recorded their first album on their own, with their own funds, because the record companies haven't: a) discovered them, b)have good taste, c)finished their deal yet, etc., etc. They play you a sample of their music on that portable cd player and... would you know it? The music sounds good!

They ask for a mere $5 or $10 for a copy of their cd and will even be so generous as to autograph them for you.

Since most of us have moved on to mp3 players or iPods, it is unlikely that a tourist will pop that cd into a portable cd player on the spot and catch them at their game. No, the con is not fully realized until you get home and decide to pop that cd into your computer so you can burn those tracks and download them to your mp3 player... Surprise! Your cd is empty!

So, please be aware of this con and pass this info to those friends you know will come to visit this lovely city. And by the by, if you're coming to New York, remember there is more to it than Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty or Ground Zero. Visit our lovely neighborhoods: the Lower East Side (my hood!), Hell's Kitchen (good restaurants and bars), Chinatown (eat some real Chinese food for once), Upper and West side (not that I care much for them, but...). And that's not even counting the outer boroughs.

But, consider yourself warned about the cd con.